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I know you have encountered some of your friends saying “Ball is life”. BENEFITS OF PLAYING BASKETBALL And at some point, however you asked yourself how come ball becomes their life? We all know that basketball is one of the favorite past time for any person young or old. Basketball is somewhat becomes more than a sports to some people who are so into the game. It is no wonder if basketball is one of the best and most popular amongst the other sports. For someone who has been a very fan of basketball, believe that this sport is more than just a game. If you can observe the crowd during a basketball game either on your court or in a national television you can see that all types of people really enjoy watching the game. But what makes it a fun experience?

It is the moment that you are able to witness and feel the excitement that the players put into the game. If you have personally know-how the bleeding, the sweating, the winning and moving on during your playing of basketball game you will surely to reminisce about this, and it might be because a player knows how that thing made them very good players once in their basketball life. A good game of basketball can be beyond your passion but benefits do not stop there.


Basketball is very popular game around the world. Men and even women can be able to play them though we all know that it involves shooting, dribbling, guarding or defense, jumping, rebounding, running and many more. That is a good thing about this game. Anyone can play basketball. But what is so obvious about this is it can be a serious calorie burner. If you want to enjoy and be physically fit as well, why do not you try basketball? With the series and continuous movement you make while playing, you will surely burn calories and fats, many, many calories and fats!

 You will surely love it when you realize how the game molds you to become a better player and a good individual. But aside from that, playing basketball can also improve your self-discipline as well. To become physically fit and to maintain your healthy balance diet your self-discipline can also develop more. Especially when you are in the main court playing basketball or even just practicing?  To have a good harmony with your team mate you should have self-discipline. In short it can help you develop a good team player attitude. So many things can be learned when you play sports.

Even if you are alone you can still practiced basketball though. Playing with other is not bad at all; it can also enhance your social skills amongst your friends and other new players that you will encounter all the way. It is indeed one of the good ways to boost your social ability. It also helps you build endurance, we know that to be able to be good at one thing, one must sacrifice and practice and through a lot of practice being injured and hurt is no exemption. As the time passed by, you can eventually cope up some bearable bruises and scratch. Your pain tolerance or your endurance gets higher as you become used to it.

We know that in time our ideal player will possibly become us. As we practiced more in playing basketball, being pro is no impossible. When you include it in your routine you are not just burning calories and building up muscles your agility, flexibility and speed also increases. It will never become popular if it is not a fun thing sport; basketball is a lot more fun than you think. One thing I must say, being good at playing basketball can enhance your confidence. Try playing it you are not just going to enjoy playing basketball you can also be good at it!

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