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What do you know about casino games? Is luck the biggest factor that determine your loss or win? Yes, luck. It is really well known that luck is what you need to win a big hit. However, can luck help you at baccarat game?

Can Luck Help You at Baccarat Game?

Can Luck Help You at Baccarat Game?
Can Luck Help You at Baccarat Game?

How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat online is one of the simplest games you can get in any casinos. Therefore, the gameplay is also really easy to understand. There are two hands in Baccarat, one called player hand while the other is banker hand. At start, both hands will have two starting cards each. Each card has their own value; number cards following their numbers, ace is one, and the royals (king, queen, and jack) are zero. Baccarat card total values only range from zero to nine. So, if the total value is more than nine, it has to be reduced by 10 first to discover its real value. Sometimes, when the value is too low, dealer will pull out a third card for the player hand. Player hand always dealt first, and decisions for banker hand always depend on the player hand. For example, if the player hand doesn’t need a third card, the banker hand will not be dealt with the third card. What bettors have to do to play the game is to bet for both of any of the total value of the hands. There are several bet options:

  • Player hand. Even though player hand has bigger house edge than banker hand, there are several good sides of it. Players claimed that player hand is easier to predict because it is dealt first. Payout ratio 1:1.
  • Banker hand. This option is the most popular among bettors as it has the lowest house edge and chances. Banker hand always finishes last, and therefore has more chances to secure nice cards. Payout ratio 1:1.
  • By betting on tie, it means you are betting for both hands to have equal value. The chances are really low compared on betting on just a hand. However, the payout ratio is significantly higher than the other options, which is 8:1.

The bet options listed above came from the classic Baccarat. Please note that there are other options depending on the game variation.

Where the Luck Appear?

Luck can appear with any decision you made. However, it’s obvious that no real luck will come without any strategy. There are several strategies that can be used to amplify luck, such as:

  • Betting on banker consecutively, then switch to player when banker is losing.
  • Counting cards to know what cards may appear next.
  • Using money management system instead of progressive ones to avoid bankruptcy.
  • Setting small goals instead of big ones.

Can luck help you at baccarat game? You can answer it by yourself after watching or playing the game itself. Knowing the rules, how to play, and several addition strategies will also help you to win some big hits. Happy betting!

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