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According to ancient records, Soccer game is traced to have originated 2000 years from China, Egypt and Rome and the ball played were made of animal skins in order to improve their bouncing.

In recent world soccer has been one of the most popular games played almost in each country. Soccer game involves playing a spherical ball among two teams which are opponents with the aim of each team scoring a goal .The participants which play are twenty two eleven from each team and the referee as the judge of the match. Football is played by both male and female people (all genders} at both local and international levels. Soccer also has been played by young kids, youths and even old people at age of forty years. This is because the game is easy to understand and it can be played for as leisure, it does not have complicated rules and regulations.

Soccer game

 Soccer game is regulated by FIFA (Federation international de football association) at international level and other national bodies depending on a country. Rules are maintained and updated annually by the IFAB (international football association board), some of the rules that are to be followed by players or participants of soccer game are as follows:

  1. The number of players per team as they begin the match is always eleven members from each side but at the end of the match players may decrease as result of indiscipline. This comes out clearly where player is given a red card by referee hence he has to go out of the match. In case of developmental teams for young kids the players may be few since they are not regulated.
  2. The time stipulated for normal match is ninety minutes. This minutes are split into two half’s of forty five minutes each after which the teams exchange sides. Incase at the end of tournament we have to get a winner after ninety minutes, the teams go for extra times of thirty minutes and if no winner is obtained the team goes for penalties until a winner is gotten.
  3. Only the goal keeper is allowed to touch the ball with hands and only when he is at goal point and the rest of players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands.
  4. There are only two possible results from soccer game, the teams can either draw or one team loose or win the game.

Soccer has been one of the best employing job and hence it has been used as source of income for the players especially those who play international leagues.

 This game is only played for short time compared with other jobs which mostly takes about eight hours this makes it interesting and jovial to play.

It enables the players to be physically fit as players tend to become lean and muscular since they are prohibited by their ethics to avoid drug abuse as they play. This enables them to concentrate in nutrition and other foods which will boost their potential to play in the field.

It promotes good relationship between team mates and nations and hence promotes unity, love and open boundaries for interactions in terms of trade.

Disadvantages of soccer

Soccer has been used recently as gambling thus many people have lost their money, others have lost their life’s as result of gambling and thus affecting psychology of people or participants.

Also some players have been suffering physical injuries as they play and the worst case leading to death of the players.

Soccer games have contributed to enmities between players and players and also between the supporters of different teams. We have witnessed many conflicts, wars at the fields and this leads to poor and unhealthy relationships among the people.

As conclusion soccer is good game to be encouraged for people to play since its advantages outweigh the dis advantages.

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