Is soccer the revolutionary game that has changed the world?

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Is soccer the revolutionary game that has changed the world?, Am going to relate soccer to the revolutionary pedagogy by Paulo Freire. In this book Freire talks about praxis (the action and reflection of men and women upon their world in order to transform it). Praxis involves education and action and so is soccer. Soccer is not learnt in class, it’s inborn and learnt on the grounds of playing. Soccer has taken the concept of praxis to its Kenya which is my home country, a young nation in Eastern Africa, one has either labeled him/herself with a certain team or if not then one has been labeled to a team by others, may it be locally or internationally.

Even the young who are a few years from their birth time have gradually become aware of the wave of soccer taking the streets by storm. Soccer has opened a new awareness to the society, awareness of social cohesion and participation which is the core concept in the pedagogy as expressed by Paulo. In my country, we are totally divided by tribe and class, but this has never been evident in soccer. The energy that is seen during a football match is shockingly marvelous.

Is soccer the revolutionary game that has changed the world?

You cannot tell between the haves and the have notes in a soccer den or a club showing a soccer match, you cannot tell the difference between a kikuyu and a luo (the two largest tribes in Kenya) as this squad joins together to sing to the top of their voices cheering their teams in the same voices of slogans that don’t bring the tribalism aspect visible. You cannot tell the ignorance of a twelve year old from the intelligence of a 32 year old graduate. All this parties will be cheering and singing in the same note and tone and swinging from one side to another showing their skills of collaboration in psyching up their teams.

Soccer is a brilliant game, a game of politically, socially and economically provocative character. Politically because it’s a game of with a structure, a structure of leadership that involves the leader and followers. From its organizational structure involving the coach, the captain and the referee, we can tell that the coach acts as the political party flag bearer, and referee acts as the electoral commission who decides who wins or who loses the elections, but unlike in politics where every follower is a voter, in soccer only eleven people would decide the fate of the team.

We all agree that there is no game that transcends soccer in social cohesion and togetherness. Soccer brings all people together regardless of tribe, race, color, class, age etc.

And in fact the diversity displayed by soccer has never been seen in any other game. This is the reason. Soccer stands out to be the most treasured and celebrated game in the world.

Economically soccer has become a source of revenue for many. It has also become a finance hub for many initiatives especially in the third world. We saw in 2010 the United Nations asked FIFA institute a 0.4 percent education tax that would generate an estimated $48 million per year. This money was to help give 2 million children access to education and it’s actually doing so. The impact this kind of funding is going to have is enormous. Besides all this, soccer still has its shock moments in history, the moments will be too many to our like each and everything, so as a writer i can talk of the few that I found so shocking to me.

Like for an instance, historically the highest score that has ever been made and shocked many was in 31st October 2002. This match was played in Antananarivo, Madagascar. The match was between AS Adema and SO I’Emyrne. It was an association football match. AS Adema thrashed SO I’Emyrne 149 to 0. Actually this was the highest score of goals to have ever been recorded in one game. Till then this is the highest score line recognized by the Guinness book of records. Another shocking story is soccer history was during a Sunday league game between Cross Farm Park and East Reach Wanderers. Lee Todd was not only the guy to ever spend the shortest time in a football match as a player (3 seconds) but he was also the first guy to ever get a red card due to a stupid mistake.

The referee blew a whistle for a kick-off while he was standing next to Todd whose back was facing the referee, immediately the referee blew the whistle Todd said” Fuck me, that was loud, “and the referee promptly showed him the red card. later when Todd asked about the act this is what he had to say “I wasn’t swearing at the ref or anyone else, ”anyone else would have done the same-he nearly blew my ear off. “Ironically Todd’s team won 11-2. So with this we can all tell that soccer as the best sport one is dying for, it has its crazy moments.

Over the years, pedagogy by Paul freire has seemed the most radical and revolutionizing manuscript one to ever come across but soccer is changing the way things are happening in the world creating future wave of action in sports that is even more radical and concrete in revolutionizing. Soccer is truly a liberation language and a brilliant sport in the world. It’s truly a revolutionary pedagogy.

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