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If you are poker player, you probably heard about the most successful poker players of all time. Continue reading as you will find out the World’s most famous poker player share his winning experience.

There is always an amount of money as long as you are good at it. This is true most especially in poker. Even though many people say that the house always win, in poker, you are playing against the house. As a matter of fact, you are competing with against the other players with the only edge being skilful and lucky. There are players who have fine-tuned their own game to the extent in which cashing out in millions right after a very successful tournament is somehow a routine. At the top of the game, most of the professional poker players can certainly earn huge amount of money.

Poker has been among the most famous card games right in the world not only when it comes to playing, but also watching it. It is one of the few card games that can be considered as a spectator sport. The fans of this game have fascination with this amazing game from early stakes cash games down to the live tournament circuit, up to the online game.

World’s most famous poker player share his winning experience

World's most famous poker player share his winning experience
World’s most famous poker player share his winning experience

Dan Bilzerian is a professional poker player and an American social media personality born on the 7th day of December 1980. He is very popular as he cashed in 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event where he finished in 180th place. It was in the year 2010 when he voted as one of the funniest poker players on Twitter by the Bluff Magazine. In the month of November in the year 2011, he and other actors including Gabe Kaplan, Nick Cassavetes, and Tobey Maguire were asked to pay back winnings they had won in the poker games against Bradley Ruderman.

In the recent times, he told the Stern that he won $50 million playing poker in the last twelve months. According to him, he has lost $3.6 million in the game. He also said that gambling was the only thing that gave Dan Bilzerian rush right after he left the military. He explained to Stern that he started at a time when people were just getting right into poker, no one knew how to play, and the stakes were not that high.

He was very lucky to play in great games and the learning curve was not too steep. Dan Bilzerian has ninety four out of ninety nine on his military intelligence test. He has a net worth of about $100 million. Last December, he claimed that he won about $10.8 million in just one session of poker. At that time, he posted on Twitter that he played poker that night with thirteen million in front of him. Following that post after twelve hours, he tweeted that he won $10.8 million and headed to Puerto Vallarta just to relax.

His winning experience in playing poker inspires other poker players in different parts of the world to continue playing this very famous casino game. Players in these modern days look for the best strategies they can use in order to make the most out of playing this amazing casino game. Aside from that, they allot enough time to practice their skills to be able to win and at the same time have some fun whenever they play poker. Poker is indeed one of the best casino games that can bring not only thrill and excitement, but also huge amount of money most especially when played properly.

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